Beautify Your Winter Garden

Beautify Your Winter Garden – If you are one among those nature lovers you will sometimes realize that winter season is not the best time of the year for you. However, to those who are sensitive to cold hate this season. But if you are one of those keen gardeners, you’ll be busy working on your winter gardens.

Your garden must not be dull during winter seasons. Snow and cold temperature must not be a hindrance for you to manage your garden. You might not like the idea of tending and nurturing your plants as temperature drops down.

Starting a winter garden is not that hard if you want to break the dull surroundings brought about by winter. You may also come up with great ideas to make a beautiful garden despite the season’s cold chilly nights.


Coming up with creating a winter garden needs different plants, trees and grass. A new set of plants will surely make your garden a success. Evergreens, hedges and ferns add color to your gardens while winter and early spring blooming plants not only add color but scent as well. When looking for possible plants to use, take into consideration those that can withstand harsh winter storms. You can choose red twig dogwood, holly, winterberry or nandina.

Red twig dogwood

Red twig dogwood

These plants offer additional colors complementing the white winter surroundings. Covering up your grounds also prevents weed from taking control. One of the best ground covers during winter season is the English ivy. Periwinkle, alba or bugleweeds are among the other examples. Try planting vegetables in your winter garden. There are vegetables that are typically used in a winter garden. Among these are winter rye, beets, carrots and several breeds of winter-ready broccoli and cabbage.


Evergreen azalea

While attending to these chores, try changing your scenery. Adding birdhouses, sculptures and benches might add a little change in your garden. Provided that you add feeders, some birds that’ll be seen lurking into your garden are finches, woodpeckers and cardinals. With a little planning, you can enjoy watching great view from your window. Even flagstones may entice you to go out to your garden to take a look at the blooms of witch hazels or heath. You may also think of creating pathways made of old bricks, gravel or stone. This will surely liven up your winter gardens without a sweat.