Lucite Is Clearly The Next Biggest Trend In Décor


Photo: peoniesandmore on Instagram 

Lately, there’s been one pure trend in a universe of interior design- joke intended! Lucite has been hidden a spotlight during home as an rising home décor trend, and can demeanour light adult your home in positively stylish style. While wealthy fabrics like velvet and leather positively make a grand coming during winter, lucite is a versatile and understated proceed to decorating. As we ideal your home décor for a change in seasons, here are a few easy ways to accoutre your space with lucite accents. 

Turn to a white sofa with lucite legs: If your vital room or bedroom is longing a ideal upgrade, there’s zero utterly like a grand lucite sofa to irradiate a space. Turn to a neat white pillow chair accented with lucite legs to equivocate overdosing on a pure material. Meanwhile, dim brownish-red hardwood flooring, beige-painted walls and uninformed pinkish blooms in a vase contrariety facilely with your neutral décor.


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Use a lucite coffee list to modernise your vital room: For a change divided from classical dim woods, spin to a complicated and trendy-looking lucite coffee list as a solution. The acrylic potion square can simply agree a space with soothing grey walls, creamy armchairs and a lush clear chandelier.


Photo: theglampad on Instagram 

Transform a charming bedroom or walk-in closet with a lucite chair: Lucite looks superb subsequent to splendid pastel shades, and also helps to tinge down a outcome of extreme neon hues. Contrast turquoise-painted walls and sky blue cabinets and shelves with a elementary lucite chair. Add an creamy pillow an a fur chuck sweeping to move wintry attract to a material, and welcome your space.