Lucite Is Clearly The Next Biggest Trend In Décor


Photo: peoniesandmore on Instagram 

Lately, there’s been one clear trend in the world of interior design- pun intended! Lucite has been stealing the spotlight at home as an emerging home décor trend, and can look light up your home in absolutely chic style. While sumptuous fabrics like velvet and leather certainly make a grand appearance during winter, lucite is a versatile and understated approach to decorating. As you perfect your home décor for the change in seasons, here are a few easy ways to adorn your space with lucite accents. 

Turn to a white stool with lucite legs: If your living room or bedroom is craving the perfect upgrade, there’s nothing quite like a classy lucite stool to illuminate the space. Turn to a sleek white cushion seat accented with lucite legs to avoid overdosing on the transparent material. Meanwhile, dark brown hardwood flooring, beige-painted walls and fresh pink blooms in a vase contrast effortlessly with your neutral décor.


Photo: shop.level on Instagram 

Use a lucite coffee table to refresh your living room: For a shift away from classic dark woods, turn to a modern and trendy-looking lucite coffee table as a solution. The acrylic glass piece can easily flatter a space with soft grey walls, cream-coloured armchairs and a luxurious crystal chandelier.


Photo: theglampad on Instagram 

Transform a colourful bedroom or walk-in closet with a lucite chair: Lucite looks elegant next to bright pastel shades, and also helps to tone down the effect of fierce neon hues. Contrast turquoise-painted walls and sky blue cabinets and shelves with a simple lucite chair. Add an off-white cushion an a fur throw blanket to bring wintry charm to the material, and embrace your space.