Blue And White Accents Are A Décor Trend For Summer 2015

With Summer 2015’s décor looks calling for vivid Greek blues and Mediterranean inspired design, this rising trend is in full force at home. Here’s how to embrace the Greek inspired trend in your own space, from accessorizing with bold blue area rugs to contrasting the colour with refreshing white accents.

1) Add a bright blue sofa to a neutral living room: If an entire winter of tired greys and dull neutrals has left you craving colour, update your living room with a plush sofa in a Greek blue shade. To balance out the statement colour, add a snowy white table lamp, white shelves and light wooden details for a rustic, welcoming space.


Photo: Tukasa Creations (@TukasaCreations) on Twitter

2) Instantly brighten a dull bathroom with a cheerful blue accent wall: While the traditional home bathroom may instantly bring porcelain whites to mind, there’s no law that you must stick to this décor look. For a rebellious hint of colour, add an accent wall in an enriched Greek blue. Create a spa like space with flowing white shower curtains, blue statement tiles and large, funky mirrors.


Photo: Schlage_Locks (@Schlage_Locks) on Twitter

3) Pair a creamy white sofa with blue throw cushions: For décor lovers who aren’t ready for fierce colour this season, accents in this trendy shade of blue are also a smooth move. Accessorize an understated white sofa with a few strategic accent pillows. For an ultra colourful atmosphere, try pale yellow cushions paired with the pops of Greek blue.

4) Accessorize with striking blue and white ceramic dishes: Although a living room or bathroom can easily be updated with Summer 2015’s hottest décor shade, subtle hints of Greek blue can also be added into your home accessories. Try bringing the colour into your kitchen with blue and white dinnerware, centrepieces or an elaborate vase.

5) Repaint your front door for a welcoming Greek inspired entrance: You may not be able to escape to Santorini, Greece for a heavenly getaway, but you can always embrace the spirit of the Greek Isles at home. If that dreary beige door is hardly a winning first impression of your abode, try repainting your front door with a coat of deep, eye-catching Greek blue. With statement front doors also in style, the paint job will instantly refresh your property.