Breathe New Life Into Your Home With These Indoor Plants

Photo: summersvenson on Instagram 

Plants are a quick and easy way to brighten up a room.  Placing some greens on a bookshelf or coffee table can add some colour and life to a space. For interior design lovers who reside in metropolian areas and have limited access to greenhouses or backyard gardens, indoor plants can quickly usher the outdoors into your home. If you’re a budding botanist looking to utilize your green thumb, indoor plants are relatively easy to take care of and can still flourish in small spaces. We’ve rounded up a few plants which can help you satisfy your green thumb, despite your urban dwelling and lifestyle. 

Peace Lily
The name of this plant alone already exudes a calm and serene feeling. Peace lilies can grow from one to six feet tall,  which make them the perfect plant for both a small or large room. You just need to check the estimated height growth to match the size of your space. According to NASA, peace lilies are also able to filter toxins from the air. Not only will this plant bring life to your room, but also quite literally a breath of fresh air.

Rat’s Tail Cactus
Don’t worry, no rats were harmed in the planting of this cactus! A rat’s tail cactus is perfect for those who want to display hanging plants. Originally from Mexico, the stems of this cactus grow similar to the way an upside down mop or dreadlocks hang. The plant also blooms pretty pink tubular-like flowers along the stems which bring a pop a colour to any space.

String of Pearls Plant
The unique look of this plant makes it an eye-catching accessory to any room. Often planted in a hanging basket, the small, bead-like leaves look like cascading pearls. As a succulent, this plant requires a little hands-on attention. It will flourish best in average room temperatures, around 22 degrees Celsius and under bright light.

Orchids differ from most house plants in the sense that they do not grow in soil. In the outdoors, orchids actually attach themselves to the sides of trees and on branches. Because soil can harm orchids, they grow best in loosely packed materials such as chips of bark or stone when indoors. Growing them this way keeps the roots well aerated and allows water to drain quickly. Orchids bloom beautiful exotic flowers, adding a splash of the tropics to your room.

Aloe Plant
The best thing about an aloe plant is that it is both aesthetically pleasing and boasts a range of natural health properties. This plant requires minimal care and is perfect for beginner botanists. You can harvest the leaves of your aloe plant and use the inner leaf’s gel as a remedy for burns, sunburns, cuts and other skin irritations.