Eco-Friendly Décor Ideas For Earth Day

Photo: tuishomemag on Instagram 

With Earth Day around the corner, environmentally conscious décor gurus have the perfect occasion to showcase their green interior design for Spring 2017. As we prepare for yet another day to honour and celebrate our planet, eco-friendly elements can help you transform your home into a conscious, welcoming space. Whether you want to infuse greenery into your space or recreate your living room with new furniture, look no further than these Earth Day decorating ideas.

Create a spectacular room with reclaimed wood and printed pillows: From the attic to your family room, reclaimed parquet flooring can offer an eco chic aesthetic. To contrast against your recycled wooden floors, turn to a sofa draped in sustainable ivory sheets and colourful printed accent pillows. Meanwhile, lush green plants in oversized ceramic pots can complete your space and bring your design statement to new levels.

Photo: 3dwallcreations on Instagram 

Turn to bamboo for a trendy and environmentally conscious alternative: For a change from the usual woods, try experimenting with bamboo at home. Decorating your home with bamboo wall panels can bring exotic influences into your humble urban space. To balance out the brown tones of the bamboo, turn to slender and modern white chairs, red ceramic dishes and brightly coloured area rugs.

Photo: ecodeer on Instagram 

Use gorgeous green plants to usher the outdoors into your home: Even if the garden of your dreams is a distant dream this spring, verdant cacti and rich green cacti can transform your condo into a breathtaking natural sight. Try arranging your plants in woven containers, and contrasting the greenery against ivory walls for a pop of springlike and eco friendly colour.