Bring Industrial Design Elements Into Your Space Now

Photo: millcahome on Instagram 

For anyone who is intrigued by industrial elements, it’s now officially cool to bring this colour into your humble abode. In fact, industrial design is quickly making waves at home, with metallic fixtures and exposed beams setting the stage. The rugged, rebellious look of industrial décor can easily be achieved in every room, whether you’re redecorating your kitchen or living room. Try taking these tips into account, as you embrace the industrial design theme this spring.

Turn to colourful furnishings and sleek, modern lighting: For a contrasting combination of edgy accents and bold hues, combine the traditional industrial setting with modernized, youthful pieces. The look of multicoloured wooden chairs and rainbow accent pillows can be juxtaposed against hanging black pendant lamps, for the best of both worlds.

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Use gleaming gold finishes for the ultimate effect: If you’re wondering how to step into the trend, pops of gold can revitalize your kitchen, without the need for a room full of metals. Turn to shining gold faucets and matching gold hardware on cabinets to bring your space to life. Meanwhile, white marble countertops, black painted cabinetry and ivory shelves allow the gold fixtures to shine.

Photo: industrial_deco on Instagram 

Redecorate with concrete and rustic metals: For a more literal interpretation of this design trend, exposed ceilings with concrete beams bring a rough yet stylish touch to your living room. Metal staircases and grey flooring can also contrast effortlessly against plush sofas in faded violet, green and blue tones.