Fierce Maximalist Design Is The New Way To Decorate

Photo: blissfully_eclectic on Instagram 

While maximalism may be making waves in the world of fashion, it’s also causing a sensation in the realm of interior design. In fact, over-the-top design elements are currently making a splash in the décor universe, lighting up rooms with their extravagance and vivid touches. If you’re wondering how to decorate with maximalism, take your creative cues from this trend and bring it into your space today.

Turn to vintage inspired furnishings and pale pink and violet tones: For anyone looking for a colourful explosion, there’s nothing quite like an antique inspired desk in a rich, eye-catching shade of blue. Try accenting your desk with printed candy pink wallpaper, violet brocade curtains and a plush velvet seat. The look of contrasting colours, girlish trinkets and fresh florals in a glass vase can instantly illuminate your space.

Photo: littleyellowcouch on Instagram 

Use a combination of gingham prints to revamp your bedroom: While grey and beige tones may be a common sight in the average chamber, the look of gingham can easily breathe new life into your bedroom. Black and white gingham curtains can effortlessly complement a bright orange pillow, while sweet pink bedding picks up on the featured colour scheme.

Photo: maximalist_interiors on Instagram 

Experiment with all manner of art: For a room which instantly catches the eye and causes a sensation, try replenishing your walls with an array of painting and artwork. Meanwhile, a mint green sofa, a handful of violets and a dangling chandelier all help to bring your room to life.