Check Out These Beautiful Wall Décor Ideas For Spring

Photo: blissfully_eclectic on Instagram 

Although flooring and furnishings often get the most attention at home, there’s nothing quite like a well-decorated wall to bring your space to life. Whether you have a bold and vibrant accent wall or you prefer solid ivory tones, adorning your walls can inject character into your space. As we look forward to the bright and balmy days ahead, consider these wall decorating ideas now.

Accessorize with white shelving, frames and potted plants: There’s no law that wall shelves need to be decorated with simple photo frames. If you’re wondering how to bring your décor to an entirely new level, turn to slender white wall shelves which can showcase your favourite baubles. Next, add green plants in tiny pots, showcase your favourite photos in photo frames and add books. Prepare to greet your guests in style, or simply transform this wall into a cozy nook to store your prized possessions.

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Think metallic for a slightly exotic vibe: If your living room is crying out for a hint of bling, there’s nothing quite like an oversized metallic gold wall plate. For an opulent contrasting touch against a navy blue wall, turn to a decorative plate. Meanwhile, framed portraits also help to create a striking statement and usher charm into your space.

Photo: spurjewelry on Instagram 

Create a watercolour oasis: For a splash of colour, turn to blue and pink shades for your framed wall art. Pastel-toned watercolour paintings can instantly evoke a feeling of calm and relaxation, and help to decorate your living room in style. The look of a soft grey sofa, pale pink lampshade and patterned accent pillows can help to complete your decorating scheme.