3 Ways that a retaining wall can add value to your property

A retaining wall is a kind of protective structure built to hold the soil behind it. There are six types of retaining walls: gravity walls, brick, brick masonry retaining wall, stone, reinforced soil walls, and hybrid system. Among all these kinds, concrete is the one most recommended type for modern homes with mild climates.

The question is, do you need a retaining wall? Just by knowing the function of a retaining wall, you could easily figure out whether you need it or not. But aside from its primary use, which is to keep soil in place, here are some other ways your property can benefit from having a retaining wall:   


  1. A retaining wall can provide home stability. You will need a retaining wall especially if your property is located downhill from soil fault lines. Adelaide, for instance, has two main fault lines. The last earthquake in the city happened more than six decades ago. Nobody knows when the next could happen but experts believe it could be worse. Similar to Southern Australia, the Western part of the country is also vulnerable to earthquakes. Did you know that the Western Australia sits on a deadly fault line? Scientists believe that is the Darling Fault were to rupture, the entire Perth will be destroyed. If you would notice, there are lots of properties with retaining walls in Perth. As the line goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. A retaining wall will be a good investment especially if your property is located near a fault line.
  2. It makes outdoor living spaces more beautiful. You have the option to install the panel or the post retaining walls yourself. This will be a suitable option if you already have some design ideas for your walls. You can make the structure more aesthetically appealing by incorporating it with your lifestyle. If you love spending most of your time on your garden, you can change the entire dynamic of your space by installing a retaining wall. Use it to hold planters or as part of your garden landscape. At Bradford Retaining, they can provide their clients with installation guide and engineering specifications. Otherwise, their team of experts will install the walls for their clients. They give them a choice of stunning designs and colours. 
  3. It prevents damage to property. Concrete is one material that is durable enough to prevent destruction to your property or its surrounding structures. Flooding or eruption can seriously damage your premises. Having a protective structure like a retaining wall will give you the peace of mind in case any disastrous erosion occurs. Repairing a property costs more than building a retaining wall. Repairs and renovation costs will cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the kind of damage.

If you want to add more value to your property, invest in a protective structure like a retaining wall. More importantly, work with a professional to ensure the quality of the materials used in building the structure.