Chic Summer 2016 Window Treatment Ideas

With the sunlight streaming in from the great outdoors, Summer 2016 offers the perfect opportunity to swap your heavy draperies for lightweight, sheer alternatives. As the sunshine-filled days turn humid and endless, window treatments for the season should be appropriately whimsical and carefree. Here are a few flawless ways to instantly update your curtains at home and soak up the beauty of another Canadian summer.

Enrich your space with sheer white curtains: If you’re looking to adorn your windows without the need for thick drapes, turn to flowing white curtains for the perfect effect. Meanwhile, the look of dark-painted wooden windows, off-white walls and dark brown furnishings helps to offset your sheer curtains.


Photo: villalba_interiorismo on Instagram 

Turn to sweet blue patterns: For decorating enthusiasts who prefer playful prints, accessorize with blue and white patterned curtains. In fact, the eye-catching and vibrant patterns can easily be paired with gleaming hardwood floors, a shaggy blue area rug and printed accent pillows.


Photo: nicky.sinclair on Instagram 

Accessorize with pale pink drapes and all-white décor: Create a sweet and ladylike interior design statement with the look of soft rosy pink curtains and contrasting white accents. To truly showcase the white décor, decorate with a white vanity table, crystal chandelier and chic rectangular mirror.