Funky Striped Décor- How To Get The Look At Home

With cheerful colours and playful prints dominating the interior design world this season, it’s no surprise that stripes are back for yet another season. If you’re hoping to bring whimsy into your urban condo or looking for a new decorative accent for your cottage, look no further than Summer 2016’s funky stripes. From the living room to kitchen, here are a few chic and cool ways to adorn your home with refreshing striped pieces.

Contrast your teal sofa with rainbow striped accent pillows: If your living room is crying out for colour, try decorating a teal or blue couch with contrasting striped cushions. Shades of red, turquoise, yellow and violet easily usher in shades of the rainbow, while white-painted windows and a light wooden coffee table can complete the look.


Photo: stripesfile on Instagram 

Use a black and white striped area rug for a chic finish: Meanwhile, striped carpeting in striking shades of black and white lends the ultimate elegant finish to your space. Contrast your neutral area rug with a plush dark pink armchair, floral print cushion and stylish pale blue decorative table.


Photo: sallyjenseninteriors on Instagram 

Breathe new life into your kitchen with pale pink and white striped drapes: For a playful touch, try swapping your usual sheer summertime curtains for pastel pink and ivory striped drapes. Arrange these colourful curtains in a light-coloured kitchen, in order to highlight your white-painted cabinets and blonde wooden dining table.