Clean Out Your Closet In 4 Simple Steps

Whether you’re aiming for a whole new wardrobe or are calling for a mini redesign in your home, your closet is a good place to start to get your life organized for the New Year. For avid-shopping fashionistas with tight racks and bursting drawers, declutter your wardrobe with these organizing tips to help you clear out those seasoned items and baggy shirts for a fresh, new closet.

1) Pick out your favourite pieces to keep: From that comfy knitted sweater to your go-to little black dress, pick out your everyday essentials and must-have pieces to create your personalized wardrobe to prep you for the upcoming year. When going through each rack and hanger, here are some key questions to ask to help you determine whether to throw out an item or not: Do I love it? Is it flattering? When was the last time I wore it? Does it fit my current style? This is a great way to narrow down your picks to help you build your closet for the New Year and define your style.

2) Remove unworn items from your closet: Clear out your closet by tossing out old and worn clothes. For fashionistas reluctant to part ways with their long-favoured pieces, a clever tip to help you get rid of some of the bulk of your wardrobe is by alternating the hook of the hanger once you’ve worn the item. This will show you which pieces you never wear on a weekly basis to create more hanging space in your closet and make the cleaning out process painless.

3) Organize your closet: After sorting through large mounds of clothes, organize your closet to fit your needs. The best way is to divide each closet space by function, so whether you want your office wear to be separate from your casual weekend attire or want a defined section for all your pants and skirts, an organization system is in need to help you keep your closet tidy and help you quickly put together outfits to make your morning routines a lot simpler.

4) Style your closet: Now that you’re past the hard part of throwing out your clothes, brighten up your space and infuse some style into your bare closet to make getting ready more fun. For instance, adding a metallic mirror behind the closet door can add a subtle touch of elegance while buying matching wooden hangers make your wardrobe more aesthetically pleasing.