Bring Rose Gold Accents Into Your Home With These Tips

For décor lovers looking to brighten up their space for winter with a hint of metallic, decorate for the season with elegant rose gold accents to bring a dose of warmth and shine to your home. Whether you’re looking to bring a modern twist on traditional dinnerware or revive an old sofa with this dusty pink metallic hue, here are some tips to help you incorporate rose gold into your home décor.

1) Decorate your tabletop with rose gold vases: If your porcelain white coffee table is in need of a refreshing facelift, add rose gold vases to add a pop of metallic against the pristine white tabletop. Place a couple of rose gold vases in different sizes and shapes on a tray to create an interesting visual statement.

rose gold

Photo: interiorbloggermelb on Instagram

2) Update your lighting with rose gold fixtures: Swap out your old brushed nickel hanging pendant lights with rose gold fixtures to bring a subtle hint of glam to a modern space. The rose gold accents work to illuminate the space while the metallic rose hue brings a soft, feminine touch. Hang it above a wooden farm table to bring out the rich woodsy tones and accentuate the grains of the table for a cool blend of contemporary and rustic.

rose gold

Photo: drsarahcorey on Instagram

3) Use rose gold accent pillows to revamp an old sofa: If your grey sofa is in need of a little staging, infuse some style to it with rose gold pillows for an immediate update. Whether you decorate with glittering cushions or fluffy, knitted pillows, rose gold will work to brighten your furnishing.

4) Pair your dinner ware with rose gold utensils: Create the perfect table setting for your next dinner party with rose gold utensils to add a touch of opulence. Pair it with white dinnerware for a striking effect to glam up a simple white plate and tie the whole look together with a rose gold napkin ring to hold your delicate linens.