Clever Storage And Space Saving Ideas For A Small Space

Keep your home clutter-free with these clever space-saving tips that will transform every nook and cranny into valuable storage space. From installing a few extra shelves for a built-in office space to hanging floating cubbies to store linens, make the best out of a small home with these useful storage ideas that will save you time from digging through cabinets and make your everyday routines a lot simpler.


Photo: yellowhouseinteriors on Instagram

1) Turn a sliding closet into a built-in office: If your one-bedroom apartment lacks space for a designated work area, turn a spare closet into a customized office space. Add shelves in the closet to create a built-in desk for your laptop and use the vertical space for additional storage for binders and folders. Once you’re done, simply tuck away your day’s hard work behind the sliding doors.

2) Maximize a small kitchen with a pull-out pantry: Save cabinet space in a small kitchen with a pull-out pantry to store all your spice jars, condiments and canned goods. If there’s an empty space beside your fridge, build your own vertical pantry shelf to slide in between the fridge and the wall to maximize every inch of your kitchen and keep your cabinets clutter free. Build a rack using wood pallets to create the frame and the shelves to stack the jars on. Set the shelf on wheels for easy access.

3) Hang pan lids on a rod: Create extra space in your kitchen cabinet by hanging pan lids behind the cabinet door using towel racks. Screw in a couple of rods to squeeze in as many lids on the door to make room for bulkier pans in the shelves.

4) Store towels on floating shelves: If your bathroom isn’t equipped with a linen closet, simply hang open, cubbies on the wall to store your towels. Stack individual shelves and create a design on the wall to inject some style to your bathroom while keeping your towels organized.

5) Use bookshelves as a headboard: To optimize unused headboard space, use a bookshelf as additional storage to stash away books and mini accessories to keep your bedroom tidy. For a more practical and accessible use, find a book shelf with sliding drawers that open on the side to keep extra pillows and seasonal items neatly tucked away behind the bed.