Dark Teal Hues Are The Latest Décor Trend

If the season’s minimalist décor and stark white walls have left you craving a décor upgrade, the look of dark teal can easily infuse your space with subtle colour. As a perfect balance between last spring’s punchy pastels and the muted shades of grey which are currently enjoying a moment in the spotlight, teal hues are both refreshing and refined. For anyone wondering how to incorporate this gorgeous colour into their Winter 2016 décor, here are a few easy ways to embrace the look.

Contrast a teal coffee table against neutral décor: For a brilliant pop of colour, breathe new life into your subtle living room by adding a sleek coffee table painted teal blue. The enriched colour makes a fierce statement in a space with a grey sofa, white lampshades and creamy walls. For décor lovers who prefer minimalist tones, the neutral furnishings and décor also help to balance out the fresh, vivid tone.

Use teal accent pillows to decorate a dove grey sofa in your living room: If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into teal, go easy on the trend with a few strategically arranged cushions. Accessorize a pale grey sofa with deep teal accent pillows for an invigorating colour statement at home.


Photo: Int’l Design Guild (@IntlDesignGuild) on Twitter 

 Pair teal furnishings with dark hardwood floors and wooden accents: This season, take your decorating cues from the warm, rustic appeal of a countryside estate. To decorate your space in style, combine plush dark teal sofas with polished hardwood flooring and an elegant oak coffee table.

Add a deep teal accent wall for a striking effect in a white space: For a room with snow white walls and ivory furniture, a bold accent wall can immediately usher in colour and create a welcoming vibe. If you’re willing to experiment with this rising colour trend, contrast your white décor with a funky statement wall which will surely leave your guests in awe.