Colourless Design Is Back- How To Decorate With Neutrals For Fall


Photo: carolineondesign on Instagram 

For interior design lovers who have a fear of colour, the concept of colourless design can help to instantly replenish your space. While darker colours and punchy neons may not be your usual style, neutral décor can seamlessly flatter smaller rooms and bring out the beauty in just about any area. As you embark on your next decorating adventure, take these ideas for colourless design into account and adorn your humble home with neutrals today.

Embrace bright whites in your kitchen: Even if you’re not a culinary expert, all the best parties end up in the kitchen- which means that beautiful décor is certainly in order. This season, turn to white painted cabinets, matching shelves and hanging lamps for a gorgeous effect. Meanwhile, grey marble countertops, stainless steel appliances and wooden accents help to complete your décor statement.


Photo: deirdres_design on Instagram 

Use wood tones and soft greys to create a relaxing bedroom: For a chic farmhouse inspired effect, turn to wood paneled ceilings and walls painted in a calming dove grey colour. Accessorize your space with a white and grey patterned area rug, plush slate grey bed linens and neutral printed pillows.


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Decorate your living room with shaggy white cushions and an ivory couch: For a perfect space to entertain your guests, start off with a striking white sofa adorned with fringed cream pillows. Meanwhile, placing fluffy white cushions on wicker chairs can instantly create an inviting and stylish effect.