The Right Way To Embrace Breathtaking Baroque Décor This Season


Photo: iamangelaeast on Instagram 

Although Baroque interior design may bring the idea of opulence and extravagance to mind, it can just as easily transport one to a tackily decorated banquet hall. If you’re aiming to embrace this school of design in your humble abode this season, there is certainly a right and wrong way to get the look.

Baroque design originated in Italy at the time of the Baroque era, which took place during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the style of decorating which has become famous for its metallic tones, ornate woodwork and rich contrasting colours has been modernized for 2016.

Just in time for the change in seasons to late autumn, Baroque interior design can help to impart warmth and inject elegance into even the most neutral space. If you’re wondering how to embrace Baroque décor at home this season, try taking these key decorative tips into account as you revamp your space.

Combine your metallics with chic black and white: As we’re not residing in 17th century Italy, it’s best to keep the focus on metallics to a minimum. Try contrasting a lavish gold mirror with black and white striped walls, black leather armchairs and striking white walls. The inclusion of neutrals helps to complete your space in true style.

Stick to a few statement pieces to avoid an overwhelming effect: Unless you’re a major fan of dazzling gold who is eager to embrace the hue in its splendor, statement pieces are truly in order. Elements such as an engraved gold Baroque lamp, golden candleholders and carved stool are the only aspects needed to bring your home to life.

Use a variety of textures for a stylish and luxurious space: For a break from the glitz and glamour which are often associated with Baroque décor, turn to varying textures. A white shaggy throw blanket or cushion, along with plush velvet or leather, can truly contrast with metallic Baroque elements. Turn to different design styles, such as Art Deco, for a chic, cool and truly modernized take on Baroque.