Concrete Accents Pave The Way As A Beautiful New Decorating Look


Photo: yogurtyong on Instagram 

Although the idea of concrete may remind you of the great outdoors and the urban streets, this cold hard material has officially migrated indoors. For Summer 2016, concrete is slated to make a statement in every room of the house from the kitchen to the living room. We’ve curated our favourite ways to decorate with concrete this season, while maintaining the softness and serenity of your comfortable space.

Embrace an artsy effect with white concrete walls: Try bringing the understated hipster vibe of your favourite café into your own home, with white concrete walls. Contrast these edgy walls with refreshing white furniture, dark hardwood floors and painted black railings.


Photo: concreateusa on Instagram 

Turn to mineral white concrete floors and contrasting wooden chairs: If you prefer the look of gleaming, elegant flooring, use white concrete floors as an alternative to traditional dark wood tones. Meanwhile, stark white walls, white countertops and pale wooden chairs help to complete your decorating statement.


Photo: slabsbydesign on Instagram 

Create a stylish space with a modern grey concrete dining table: This season, dine in style with a slate grey dining table made of concrete. Use sleek and modern white chairs, a beige area rug and dangling white chandeliers to flatter your neutral interior design look. If you’re entertaining guests, use white ceramic plates to instantly lend a striking touch to your concrete table.