Pop Art Prints Explode As A Quirky New Décor Trend


Photo: danny_cain_art on Instagram 

Although witty cocktail art prints might be a hackneyed steer on T-shirts and posters, they are fast apropos smart in a universe of interior design. For doctrinaire fans of Andy Warhol who have always wanted to move a artist’s signature character into their possess homes, this violation décor trend is acquire news. As we ideal your interior pattern for a deteriorate ahead, take your impulse from a universe of cocktail art. Here are a few ways to incorporate this art form into your common home today.

Use a charming cocktail art portrayal to irradiate your space: In further to prints, classical cocktail art wall art and portraits are also entertainment a comeback. If you’re uncertain of how to decorate, hang an eye-catching portrayal on a plain grey wall. Meanwhile, a demeanour of plush light blue chairs, light grey hardwood flooring and a slim coffee list can assistance to finish your room.


Photo: decoretudomais on Instagram 

Turn to multicolored hues for a ultimate vital room: For vital cocktail art enthusiasts, try decorating your whole vital room with a accumulation of rainbow hues. Place a cocktail art sham on a violet leather sofa, arrange charming prints on your walls and contrariety your decorating intrigue with yellow and teal accents.


Photo: lisa.jaye on Instagram 

Transform your bedroom with oversized lead polka dots: With musty patterns, epitome designs and impediment hues all profitable reverence to a cocktail art trend, move polka dots to your bedroom. Use white and bullion polka dot wallpaper and framed cocktail art to breathe new life into your private chambers.