Constructing A Herb Tower

Constructing A Herb Tower – The cooking enthusiasts always like to have pots of herbs next to the kitchen door, so that they can take one step outside and pick a sprig or two while cooking. Most herbs are sun lovers, so a sunny site is of prime importance to grow a good crop.

The smaller species – thyme, chives, oregano and sage – can be grown in a group in a herb pot or, as here, in a herb tower. The larger-growing shrubs and trees, such as rosemary and bay, are best given a pot to themselves. Mint, also, should be grown on its own as it can be extremely invasive. For a better look you can add strawberries.

Many of the smaller herbs, such as oregano, chives, parsley, and tarragon, even though they are perennials and biennials, produce the best flavor if planted in spring and grown as annuals.

There are two main challenges to growing herbs in a herb tower – first of all maximizing space for plants, especially on a small patio or balcony. The other is watering – each of your herbs will need to be watered every single day. The most clever thing about this herb tower is that you only have to water all of your plants in one place. Literally fill the top of the water reservoir and the water will trickle down through the watering disks to give all of your plants a drink.

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