Create Your Own Beach Inspired Book Nook In Your Home

What better place to dive into a good book than at the beach? Well, summer is a few months away, but what happens when you want to get started on your summer reading list ahead of time? If you start to crave the sounds of the ocean and the crisp blue sky, this cozy beach-inspired book nook can be the perfect escape right in your own home! The overall theme should reflect the feel of having a serene and secluded beach all to yourself.

  • Start off by finding a good spot such as a corner or alcove. Try opting for an area near a window so you can feel the cool breeze, warm sunshine and also hear the soothing sound of rain. Rearrange your furniture if you need to in order to find the right spot that is away from distractions and the television.
  • Decide on a comfortable seating arrangment. A good idea is a comfortable recliner, a bright coloured beanbag or perhaps setting down a few comfy pillow cushions. If opting for pillows, go with bright blues and white together to give it a more ocean look.
  • Get a small table or night stand for your book, preferably wooden and top it off with your books and a pretty glass jar filled with seashells and sand. Be creative when decorating your table by using a lot of turquoise coloured objects such as orbs. Don’t forget to add a small reading lamp to your table.
  • Make the entire area comfortable and personalize it to how you feel when you’re on the beach. Hang white, flowing curtains from your window or go for crystal beads if you’re feeling more adventurous.  Add hues of blues everywhere by adding a blue patterned carpet and hang a few pictures of the ocean nearby. For an extra added touch, have a sound soother with the sounds of the ocean playing in the background.
  • Finish the overall theme with a few ocean-fresh scented candles within the area.

Before you dive in, don’t forget the perfect beverage to accompany your book: margaritas and cocktails! For non alcoholic options, go for coconut water, lemonade or even smoothies! Specialty drinks are sure to make you really feel like you’re on a beach!