Pretty In Pink – Decor Ideas For Ultra Feminine Bedroom

feminine decor bedroom

Spring is known for being the most feminine time of the year with all of its stunning colours and girly décor! What better way to spring into spring with decorating your bedroom to be the prettiest of all?

It can be difficult to create a girly, feminine room while keeping up with what is age appropriate. You don’t want your room to look like a teen who’s obsessed with Barbie dolls and the colour pink, but you do want to keep it looking feminine and girly. How can you redecorate your bedroom in a way that’s tasteful, girly but lady-like? The best ways to do so are adding splashes of colour, floral patterns, dainty lace, crystal chandeliers and fresh, bright flowers!

Here are some tips on creating your prettiest girly girl room with grace and elegance.

  • Paint your walls a soft pastel colour such as lavender, baby pink, peach or white.
  • Adding bold, pretty cushions can brighten up a plain bedspread. Try adding 3-5 cushions and mix it up with printed and solid patterned to give it a more girly look.
  • Colours can range from lime green to hot pinks to peach tones.
  • For an added touch, include a silk pillows and silk sheets in a pearl tone for an ultra-feminine feel.
  • Swap out those dark drapes for dainty, feminine lace curtains and line the top with pretty fairy lights. Add a lace tablecloth over your vanity to match the crisp, white curtains. Nothing says innocence and femininity more than the colour white.
  • Hang a few crystal beads in your doorway, closet area and/or both sides of your bed. It can also create a gorgeous waterfall effect by being hung behind the headboard.
  • For your nightstand, place a crystal vase with fresh pink flowers, a stylish lamp and a vanilla scented candle held in a metallic or bronze candle holder with a tasteful design. It also never hurts to add a few crystal ornaments or objects for display.
  • These days many are opting for crystal chandeliers as light fixtures. Pick one that is size-appropriate and ties the room together.