Crossandra (Firecracker Flower or Orange Marmalade) plant is really decorative, compress flowering shrub, easy to grow and caring for, as prolonged as it has sufficient H2O and humidity. They are glorious plants for flourishing in planters that can be brought indoors in a winter months and grown as an indoor plant.

Crossandra starts to flower when usually a few months aged and a flowering deteriorate lasts from Mar to October. The blooms are borne on tip of immature flowering spikes. The leaves of Crossandra are thick and silken and somewhat resemble a leaves of a coffee plant. In a local sourroundings it is a powerful and eager grower and a flowers are harvested for decorating women’s hair.

The waste of Crossandra is a need for wet air – it will substantially not tarry unless frequently misted and surrounded by other plants. Remove passed blooms to lengthen a flowering season. Shoots of evergreen class should be embellished after a flowering period.


Crossandra creates a good house plant that blooms year turn if fertilized on a unchanging basement and placed in really splendid light. Feed each 2 weeks with a soluble, residence plant manure that has been diluted by 50%.

Secret of success

Temperature: Average warmth, smallest 55°F in winter.

Light: Bright light; equivocate approach object in summer.

Water: Keep compost wet during all times ( it is a good thought to set a planter on tip of a tray filled with dank stones). Reduce watering in winter.

Planting: Seeds should be sown in early open when temperatures normal 60°F.

Repotting: Repot, if necessary, in spring.

Propagation: Take branch cuttings in summer. Use a rooting hormone and yield bottom heat.





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