Mikania is a quick-growing trailing residence plant that is one of a new era of residence plants – it entered a shops in a 1980s. Mikania is colorful; a veins are purple and a root aspect is clearly red or purple when a plant is kept in a brightly illuminated spot.

Growing Mikania can be wily until we give it a right conditions. Mikania caring can be narrowed down to dual critical ingredients: H2O and light. Mikania is not unequivocally happy residence plant in a living room – it needs wet air, though misting can repairs a leaves.

There is a singular class of Mikania sole as a house plant: Mikania ternata. The palmate leaves are immature with a purplish sheen, somewhat hairy above and densely hairy below.


Mikania plant

Secrets of success

Temperature: Average regard – smallest 50° – 55°F in winter.

Light: Bright light with some approach sunlight. You can safely put a plant in a balmy spot, where a colors will be during their best.

Water: Keep compost wet during all times and revoke watering in winter.

Air humidity: Mist Mikania with caring – temperate water, really excellent mist and keep misted plants divided from sunshine.

Propagation: Take branch cuttings in spring.