Daybeds Are Back- How To Decorate With This Hot Furniture Trend

Photo: leonardotables on Instagram 

Although vintage influences have certainly made their way onto the season’s catwalks, it seems that the world of interior design is also drawing from these influences. For Summer 2017, the daybed has returned as a must-have furnishing for your humble abode. Often considered the love child of a chaise longue and a regular bed, daybeds are a signature element of mid-century modern décor. If you want to take your design cues from the past, look no further than this hot home accent. Here’s how to incorporate the daybed into your home sweet home.

Think abstract: For a modern day take on the daybed, try combining the trend with a black and white colour scheme. The look of patterned black and white cushions can instantly bring a basic black daybed to life. Meanwhile, swirling abstract wallpaper, gleaming white floors and a slender white table can wrap up your design.

Photo: mill_hello on Instagram 

Think minimalist: Perhaps loud and proud prints aren’t quite your taste, and you prefer subtlety instead. If you’re a minimalist at heart, a wooden daybed with plush black seating can evoke vibes of comfort and simplicity. Meanwhile, white exposed brick walls, leafy green plants and hanging wall art complement your daybed flawlessly.

Photo: my_daily_interior on Instagram 

Think green: For a more colourful approach, consider adding an emerald-coloured daybed to your space. Paired with black and white patterns and dark neutral pillows, this is a timeless colour scheme which can even bring you into the autumn. To keep your room looking fresh, turn to stark white walls to allow your verdant furniture to truly pop.