Pantone’s Pale Dogwood Is Here- How To Decorate With This Trendy Colour

Photo: housebeautifuluk on Instagram 

Although we’ve had a couple of seasons to familiarize ourselves with the bevy of beautiful blush tones, Pantone Universe’s Pale Dogwood is the latest take on this colour trend. This subtle pink colour, which is sometimes colloquially referred to as “Millenial pink”, features soft dusty rose undertones. Along with being a beautiful shade for your Summer 2017 fashion and beauty looks, pale dogwood can look just as gorgeous at home. If you’re wondering how to decorate with this colour, we’ve curated a few decorative ideas to inspire your space now.

Try painted wooden shutters for a bathroom makeover: With countless décor lovers searching for ways to upgrade their bathroom, trendy wooden shutters can offer the dose of colour that you need. Paint these shutters in a shade of pale dogwood, for a contrasting effect against a white porcelain bathtub. Meanwhile, an accent wall in this new Pantone Universe tone can complete the look.

Photo: cultfurniture on Instagram 

Turn to an accent pillow: If you’re not quite ready to repaint an entire wall to match this latest colour trend, you can always step cautiously into a pale dogwood palette. The easiest way to master this look is with a chic accent pillow. Styled with crisp white bed linens and a light wooden nightstand, a pale pink cushion can immediately seize the eye.

Photo: nontoh_mahlangu on Instagram 

Elevate your home office: For those who work from home, the study or home office is an essential part of the home. As opposed to staid, corporate tones of white and beige, pale dogwood is the perfect touch. Decorate with a slender plastic chair in this subdued pink hue, along with pale pink roses in a matching ceramic vase.