Decorate Your Home With Striking Abstract Patterns

For adventurous decorating addicts who are looking for an eye-catching alternative to the usual neutral hues of winter, abstract patterns can instantly bring character and creativity into your space. Whether you are looking for gorgeous wall art or simply want to revamp your living room with avant-garde touches, here are a few winning ways to embrace the trend at home.

Use an abstract painting to enhance the look of an understated space: If your room is currently a desolate sight with grey floors and beige furnishings, try bringing your décor to life with a strategically placed abstract painting. For a room adorned with muted hues, turn to vivid shades of blue and purple to illuminate your space.


Photo: ACHICA (@ACHICALiving) on Twitter

Adorn your hardwood dining room floors with an abstract print rug: Refresh your pale hardwood flooring with a pop of playful pattern in the form of an abstract rug. To complement your floors, try a printed rug accented with rich swirls of forest green, wine red and tangerine.

Decorate with square-shaped abstract print pillows in rainbow hues: If you prefer subtle prints to over-the-top explosions, approach the trend from a minimalist perspective by redecorating with accent pillows. Enhance a striking white sofa with abstract patterned pillows in a variety of vivid rainbow shades.

Look for an abstract print armchair in soft pastel hues: While abstract prints are often neon or multicoloured, they can also make a stunning first impression in an array of light colours. Embrace the trend with a cool printed armchair with pale pink, lavender and blue abstract designs. To create a fairytale space in your own living room, contrast the abstract print with a shaggy white area rug, stark white walls and creamy lampshades.