Bring Calming Island Décor Into Your Home With These Tips

While you may not be venturing to an island retreat this winter, you can always bring the look of tropical décor into your humble abode without having to part ways with the city limits. For anyone dreaming of the serenity of an island haven, here are a few gorgeous ways to mimic the décor in your own urban paradise.

Redecorate your bedroom with ivory bedsheets and a sheer canopy: To instantly bring the warmth of the tropics into your city home, try refreshing your bedroom with an ethereal white bedspread and matching pillows. Meanwhile, a flowing white canopy will complete the look of your relaxing space.

Update your décor with seashell wreaths and white wicker furnishings: For those who ready to jump headfirst into the island spirit, try arranging a series of small sheashell wreaths around your living room and kitchen. Use tiny multicoloured shells, twine ribbons and sprigs of lavender to perfect your wreath. For a change from your traditional black leather sofas and armchairs, try refurnishing your space with dainty wicker chairs and tables painted in off-white hues.


Photo: coastal_living on Instagram 

Accessorize your sunroom with pale blue and turquoise pillows: Naturally, the look of blue shades is a winning combination when paired with cream and ivory shades. To instantly create an island inspired sunroom, try contrasting your white wicker seats with patterned accent pillows in tones of pastel blue and turquoise.

Revamp the room with a pastel blue and white striped accent wall: To keep up your island theme, craft a nautical inspired striped wall with bold vertical stripes. Use contrasting shades of light blue and white, in order to truly make waves in an airy white room. While it’s probably just your imagination if you hear the sound of the ocean, you can hardly blame your new décor statement for bringing out your inner beach bum!