Decorative Dishware Is The Perfect Finishing Touch For Summer 2016

While the thought of porcelain may instantly bring images of Grandma’s house to mind, decorative dishware can be surprisingly charming and chic. With intricate dishes currently enjoying a moment in the spotlight, you may want to consider swapping those chipped plastic plates for a sophisticated alternative. This season, put the thought of disposable plates out of your mind and embrace the look of decorative dishware at home.

Turn to elegant shades of blue and white: If you’re entertaining company at home this summer, try redecorating your table with classic navy blue and white ceramic plates. For a contrasting effect, accessorize the dishware with an ivory table runner, white linen napkins and crystal glasses. To maintain visual interest, add a striking effect with a centrepiece of breathtaking white roses and sprigs of lavender.


Photo: setyourtablenj on Instagram

Contrast patterned china plates with silverware and clear glasses: For a family dinner, the look of delicately patterned pastel blue plates can bring new life to your table. Complete your décor statement with perfectly arranged silver cutlery, fresh greenery and timeless clear glasses.


Photo: greenpigskitchen on Instagram 

Decorate with a floral printed pink tea set and white blossoms: If you’re hosting your girlfriends for an afternoon of tea and gossip, try setting the mood with a dainty pink teapot and matching cups. The look of soft pastel hues and sweet floral patterns is a gorgeous combination, while adorning your table with white peonies is a flawless touch.