DIY Holiday Craft Ideas To Decorate Your Home For The Season

Get your home holiday-ready and celebrate the festive season with these simple yet creative DIY décor for a bright and cheery home. From colourful garlands to decorate your fireplace to artful terrarium centrepieces to update your table setting, add some personal touch to your holiday décor scheme to make your holiday celebrating more special.

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1) Create a snow-free snowman with wreaths: If the harsh winds and freezing temperatures are preventing you from rolling around in the snow to create a friendly snowman, craft your own indoor snowman using twig wreaths. Stack three different sized wreaths on top of each other and secure them with a string. Add a redplaid wool scarf and a knitted pom-pom beanie to complete your snowman and hang it above your fireplace or on your front door to greet your guests. Once the holiday season is over, stash it away to be used again for next Christmas.

2) Adorn your light fixtures with hanging ornaments: Elevate your table setting with a crafty Christmas chandelier for an updated look for the holidays. With a white yarn or sheer ribbon, strewn sparkly plastic snowflakes and silver ornaments mixed in with some glittered silver birds in varying lengths on your light fixture for a whimsical touch. The metallic hues blended with the flecks of the crystal ornaments of the chandelier create an enchanting winter wonderland theme that will dazzle your dinner guests.


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3) Make your own garland with colourful ball ornaments: If your fireplace is lacking a bit of holiday cheer, create your own garland with Christmas ornaments you already own to hang on the mantel. For a colourful statement aside from the traditional Christmas hues, mix in bright colours of hot pink, orange and cerulean in matte, shiny and glittery finishes and loop them on a red ribbon to create your own festive garland.


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4) Craft your own centrepiece with DIY holiday terrariums: Spruce up your tabletop décor with handmade holiday jars for a snowy centrepiece. Taking a glass apothecary vase, fill the bottom with led lights on a clear or white cable and pour in some coarse kosher salt to create your own faux snow. Then add mini figurines of Christmas trees, townspeople and a snow-covered house to create a Christmas village scene. When night falls, the Christmas lights will bring a warm glow through the clear glass, bringing an intimate ambience to your dinner party.

5) Decorate your walls with a personalized woodland sign: Add some rustic charm to your holiday décor with a DIY woodland sign. Nail together three wooden pallets in the same size then sand it down to create a smooth surface. Stain the wood a dark mahogany colour and once it dries, stencil in your favourite Christmas jingle with a white paint. Be creative and add some snowflake paintings to create a more interesting design. This wooden sign will look gorgeous placed atop your bookshelf or hung above your sofa in the living room.