Gorgeous Winter Wreaths For Your Home

Bring the festive season to your home with a bright and cheery winter wreath to perk up your entryway. If you’re looking to decorate your plain, old door, here are some décor inspirations to revamp your doorway during the pale winter season. From fun plaid ornaments to yarn and twine wreaths, these one-of-a-kind statement pieces will sure bring some pep to your home and welcome your guests.


Photo: skishackcrafts on Instagram

1) Adorn your front door with a plaid and pinecone wreath: Punch up your décor with a fun plaid print in hues of green for a bright pop of colour in the winter season. Wrap ornament balls in different green plaid-printed cloths and contrast it with some rich metallic and sparkly copper ornaments. Blend in some fresh pinecones to add a woodsy element to your home.

2) Craft your own monogrammed wreath: Personalize your space with a simple monogrammed wreath that will make you feel like home once you step through the doorway. To create this look, decorate a boxwood wreath by attaching a plain wooden monogram letter and accessorizing it with a large cream bow made out of a drop cloth. The creamy tones will contrast the bright fresh greenery.

3) Create a yarn wreath with yarn balls: Incorporate your favourite chunky knit into your home décor for the season with a creative DIY yarn wreath. Use yarn strings in shades of charcoal, dove grey and white to wrap styrofoam balls to create the yarn ornaments and wrap a few in twine for a charming rustic touch. With hot glue, stick the yarn and twine balls on a wreath form and mix in a couple glittery silver ornaments to add a hint of sparkle. Complete the wreath with white frosty snowflakes for a festive look perfect for the season.


Photo: twoinspireyou on Instagram

4) Add a pop of red to your wreath with faux berries: Add some colour to your doorway with this berry wreath. First, unevenly spray paint a twig wreath with pastel grey for a wintry, weathered look. Then tie a small portion of the wreath with a chevron-printed ribbon in gold and white. Arrange a few twigs with faux berries on the wreath and secure them with a burlap ribbon. The blend of earthy tones mixed with berry red accents brings an organic style to your décor statement.