Fight The Winter Blues With These Floral Arrangement Ideas

Photo: figandtwigs on Instagram 

While we’re still deep in the season of snowfall and wintry temperatures, the perfect floral arrangement can immediately awaken your space. Even if you can’t afford that dream beach vacation, a trip to the tropics isn’t necessary to infuse your home with breathtaking blooms. In order to fight the winter blues and prepare for the eternal sunshine of springtime, here are our favourite floral arrangement ideas to decorate with now.

Turn to vibrant shades of pink and lavender: With blush hues and hints of lavender having the ability to instantly refresh your home, turn to an array of hot pink roses for a warming effect. Meanwhile, springs of lavender, tiny pink flowers and fresh greenery can bring your bouquet to life.

Photo: bestofwinston on Instagram

Use creamy white florals for a delicate statement: If you’re not a fan of extreme hot pinks, lean toward softer hues for a dainty bouquet instead. Heavenly white gardenias and pale pink roses or tulips can be combined for a beautifully understated arrangement.

Photo: willow_myrtle on Instagram 

Arrange a pink floral centrepiece on a white marble table: For a refreshing upgrade to your classic marble table or counter, fix a handful of pretty pink blossoms in an arrangement. From roses to tulips, a collection of gorgeous petals can easily create a stunning centrepiece.