Winter Bulbs: The Crocus

Winter Bulbs: Crocus – The crocus is one of a best-known late winter and early open flowers. The classification embraces some-more than 80 class of dwarf corms found in a far-reaching accumulation of locations, from executive and southern Europe, northern Africa and a Middle East to executive Asia and western China.

Hundreds of cultivars have been produced. Almost each flower tone though pinkish is available, and some are attractively striped. A few have stamens in a resisting color. Robust variety are superb for naturalizing in lawns, and they can emanate overwhelming effects, possibly in a normal reduction of colors or when a some-more pointed preference of only one or dual shades is planted.


Crocus chrysanthus. This class is customarily represented in cultivation by a many selections, all flowering in late winter to early open and including ‘Advance’, yellow with violet outdoor petals; ‘Blue Pearl’, that has silver-blue flowers, ‘Ladykiller’, that has slender, pristine white flowers noted with purple, ‘Snow Bunting’, pristine white and one of a many fantastic cultivars, ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’, that has abounding yellow flowers noted with purple-brown.

Crocus sieberi. Flowering in late winter to early spring, this class has yellow-centred, light blue flowers with splendid orange pistils. Among a prettiest forms are a golden-throated, white ‘Albus’ that flowers in early spring, and ‘Firefly’, that has inclusive lilac and yellow flowers.

Crocus vernus. The class has many selections, all of that are glorious for naturalizing and flower from late winter to early spring. These embody ‘Jeanne d’Arc’, that has pristine white flowers, ‘Pickwick’, that has grayish-white flowers, striped with violet, and ‘Remembrance’, that has violet flowers with a dulcet sheen.

Crocus tommasinianus. This crocus is one of a best for naturalizing and produces lavender flowers in late winter. ‘Ruby Giant’ has large, purple flowers, ‘Whitewell Purple’ has purplish-red flowers, though with silvery-mauve backing inside and it is some-more slim than those of ‘Ruby Giant’.



C. ‘Jeanne d’Arc’


C. ‘Pickwick’


C. ‘Advance’


Crocus ‘Zwanenburg Bronze’