Fish Scale Tiles Bring The Mermaid Trend Home This Season


Photo: ladeeedallas on Instagram 

For interior decorating enthusiasts who are sleepy of their transport tiles and looking for a lovely change during home, fish scale tiles only might be your solution. With their scalloped coming and splendid colours, tiling that brings a beam of a fish to mind can simply reinvigorate your space. We’ve curated a few musical ways to welcome this suave tile trend for a deteriorate ahead.

Refresh your lavatory with dim brownish-red tiles and a scratch bathtub: If your lavatory is great out for an upgrade, spin to vast fish scale tiles in a chocolate brownish-red hue. These can be used to pierce your lavatory flooring to a new level. Meanwhile, a selected desirous white and brownish-red cylinder with radiant bullion hardware offers a worldly finish. To agree your interior design, hang to ivory walls, lead mirrors and neat white cabinetry.


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Update your kitchen with an aquamarine-coloured and white backsplash: While fish scale tiles can be ideally suitable for your lavatory décor, incorporating fish scale tiles into your kitchen backsplash can be a stylish move. Turn to turquoise, aquamarine and white beam for an superb space. Finish off your décor with shining white cabinets, dark hardwood flooring and radiant white countertops.


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Turn to dark blue kitchen tiles and grey cabinetry: Fish scale tiles demeanour equally as during home in a kitchen surrounded by light neutral tiles and swinging bullion chandeliers. Look for musty complicated lighting, along with a line-up grey colour intrigue and immaculate steel accents.