Fun Décor Ideas For Your Oscars Party

For cinema-loving decorating addicts, the 88th annual Academy Awards offer a perfect opportunity to bring the razzle dazzle of Hollywood into your own space. With the Oscars set to take place on Sunday, February 28, it’s officially time to decorate your home in true Tinseltown fashion for an Oscars party. Whether you’re simply hosting a few close friends for hors d’oeuvres or planning an elaborate night of sparkling champagne and black tie attire, here’s how to bring glamour into your home now.

Use a cardboard film reel and red ribbon for a star-studded effect: If you’ve always dreamed of being a screen siren, let the excitement of the Academy Awards set the tone for the evening. Create a playful film reel by tracing a large-sized circle on flat cardboard, and then drawing another two smaller-sized circles inside it. Next, cut out six triangular sections within the circles (using a craft knife) and also craft a series of smaller circles around the spokes of the reel. Once you’ve perfected your film reel, paint it black using acrylic paint or spray paint, and secure strands of slightly curled red ribbon in place.


Photo: attagirlsays on Instagram 

Decorate champagne bottles with metallic gold bows and tiny stars: After all, there’s nothing quite like glittering metallic detail to leave your guests feeling like movie stars. To achieve the look, adorn the necks of your champagne bottles with shimmering golden bows. Cut a series of stars out of gold craft paper, and tape them to the bottles to complete the look.

Create a stunning space with golden balloons, bouquets of roses in a golden vase and crystal stemware: For elegance without excessive sparkle, stay true to the evening’s theme with a series of golden balloons arranged around the table. Next, place a bouquet of brilliant red and white roses in a simplistic gold-coloured glass vase, and serve all your drinks in refined crystal glasses.

Craft your own Oscars ballots and miniature Oscar statues for an authentic feel: For a more youthful and fun feel as you secretly cheer for your favourite stars to walk away with a real Oscar, get into the spirit with homemade ballots. Use a printing website or service to generate instant printable ballots, or create your own black and white ballots on cardstock. Emphasize the Hollywood attitude in the air with cut-out Oscars statues made with cardboard and glitter glue. After all, you may as well celebrate from the comforts of home, especially if your celebrity crush walks away with an Academy Award this year!