Oversized And Ornate Mirrors Are The Latest Must-Have Trend

For decorating addicts who are craving a simple upgrade to their humble home without having to splurge on a costly renovation project, the addition of a gorgeous statement mirror just may be a perfect fit. Whether your living room is in need of an illuminating touch or your unadorned hallway could use an accessorizing finish, here’s how to embrace a trendy statement mirror this season.

Revamp a pristine white fireplace with a large mirror in a metallic frame: For a winter interior design look which is both refreshing and warm, place an oversized and elaborate golden mirror above a snowy white fireplace. To emphasize the metallic tones in the detailed mirror, stick to dark polished hardwood floors, dove grey sofas and a delicate glass top coffee table.


Photo: theroomedit on Instagram

Create a monochromatic look with an ornate painted white mirror and white décor: If you prefer no-nonsense monochromatic accents, upgrade any room in your house with a decorative white oval mirror. For a coordinating effect, ivory walls and a matching white painted side table will complete your décor statement. Use gleaming ceramic vases and fresh blooms to balance out the striking snowy tones, and to bring the focus up to your statement mirror.

Contrast your neutral walls and furnishings with a funky gold mirror: For spaces which are currently decorated with shades of pale grey or beige, use a hint of gold to instantly bring elegance into your décor. Turn to edgy geometric designs, gold finishes and cool sunburst mirrors for a rejuvenating change from your classic looking glass of the past.

Adorn your bedroom with an arrangement of tiny round metallic mirrors: While square-shaped or rectangular mirrors were once the norm in every household, a cluster of mini mirrors provide a chic alternative. Decorate your bedroom walls with a series of small metallic mirrors in varying shades of copper, gold and silver. If you’ve already embraced a brightly coloured accent wall and contrasting bedroom furnishings, these shining surfaces just may illuminate your room all winter long.