Getting Your Garden Ready for Entertaining

Gardens are a great place for entertaining, whether you want to have a dinner party, a BBQ or just a social drink– they can be the perfect venue for your guests in the warm weather.  If you are lucky enough to have a decent size garden where you can invite some friends around, you will definitely want to make sure it’s ready for your guests. We have put some top tips together to help make sure it’s ready for entertaining.


Make Sure You Have Some Good Garden Furniture

Having enough seating is important when people are coming round to your house.  Not only should there be enough of it, it should also be practical.  If you are having a dinner party, for example, you don’t want to have to get the old chairs out of the cupboard for people to sit on.  It should also allow enough room for adequate plates, utensils, drinks etc to make sure people are as comfortable as possible.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on garden furniture these days – and you can invest in solid materials to make sure it lasts you a while.

Get Some Décor Arranged

If you haven’t already spent a bit of time making your garden as picturesque as you would like – get started.  Having some lovely flowers blossoming helps top create the perfect setting for what will be a wonderful gathering.  You can also be a little bit quirky when it comes to how you decorate for it.  Do you have a specific theme in mind for your party?  You could create one and decorate around that.  You can have place settings if it’s formal – or else you can have something more fun like pinatas to welcome people.  Fun elements like that always go down a storm.

Prepare your Garden for all Weathers

It’s important to make sure that you are prepared for all kinds of weather when planning for a garden event.  There are lots of ways that you can do this.  Some parasols will be great if the weather forecast is incredibly hot sunnyand a gazebo is also quite a popular option if rain is on the cards. You may also need to think about heating options.  It might not always be warm outside when you are entertaining in your garden – particularly if it goes on longer than expected!  In this instance you might want to get some garden heaters to make sure your guests are cosy enough.

Create the Right Ambience with Lighting

To create the right atmosphere, you might want to invest in some landscape lighting.  There are lots of different options available, so you are sure to find something that will fit in with the right shape and feel of your garden.  It may not always be light outside when you are entertaining, especially if the evening goes well – so some nice lights could set the garden off.

Get some Garden Add-ons

Why not add something a little extra to your garden in time for your party or event? Hot tubs are increasing in popularity.  They might be a bit on the expensive side to purchase, but there are also lots of renting options that you can take advantage of. This provides the perfect talking point for your party, and there’s no reason you can’t tell people to bring their swimsuits with a glass of bubbly. You can also get pop-up bars to add an extra element of excitement.  They can create some great cocktails – and be a great source of entertainment for your guests.

Get a Barbeque

Even if it’s not part of your plan for this occasion, a barbeque is a fantastic investment for your garden.  As soon as anyone mentions a garden event, the first thing that people will think of will be a good old fashioned barbie. There are lots of models out there these days, so you will have no trouble finding one to suit your budget and requirements.  It’s also a good idea to make sure that if you are serving food you ask your guests in advance if there are any special dietary requirements.  You don’t want to be overdoing the sausages if you have lots of vegetarians coming around after all.

If you are planning a nice event in your garden, then make sure you prepare the space for it.  It can be a fantastic and intimate place to have guests round, and they will love it if you make sure that you put the extra effort in and plan in advance.