Halloween Party Décor Ideas For A Scary Space

1) Mini mummy mannequins: This simple yet clever idea is a great way to prep your house for Halloween. First, cut the gauze into two inch strips and then wrap them around the wooden figurine, making sure to cover the whole body. Drape over a few extra pieces to dangle off the body for a mummified look. Adjust the arms and legs and you have yourself a mini mummy. Display these mini mummy figurines on the mantel or line them up on the snack table for an additional treat your guests would love.

candy decor

Photo: houselarsbuilt on Instagram

2) Candy-coloured décor: If you want to add a splash of colour into your Halloween scheme other than the traditional black and grey then switch it up with vibrant hues of pink, yellow and orange to brighten up the room. For the snack area, line the table with a butter yellow table cloth and accessorize with multi-coloured paper plates and funky printed napkins. Decorate the wall with a colourful DIY candy garland made out of toilet paper rolls covered in coloured construction paper with contrasting stripes and wrapped in clear cellophane. These fun Halloween colours are sure to boost the party atmosphere.


Photo: lillianhopedesigns on Instagram

3) Skeletal and bat-winged fireplace: Create the perfect spooky Halloween mantel by transforming your fireplace into a ghostly graveyard for a feature piece your guests won’t forget. Drape a tattered black and white gauze on top of the mantel and decorate it with skull heads. Be creative and fill a glass vase with mini skull heads for a grim effect, or paint them a bronze colour for a worn look and stack them on top of each other. Craft your own forest tree using branches and spray paint them a matte black colour. Weave white gauze through the branches to make a cobweb. For a finishing touch, punctuate the wall above the fireplace with bat decals.

floating witch hats

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4) Floating witch hat lights: Illuminate your front porch with these unique witch hat lighting for a haunted sight. Using a needle, poke a hole from the tip of the witch’s hat and string a fishing line through the hole to the inside of the hat. Knot the fishing line on a safety pin to secure the hat on the string and attach a glow stick or LED light to the pin. Then just tie a loop at the other end of the fishing line outside the hat and hang it on a hook. In the midst of the dark, the warm glow from the light creates an eerie ambience perfect for Halloween.