How To Clean Your Entire House In 30 Minutes

Blog-Spring-Cleaning-RentalDo you have unexpected company coming over in just a short amount of time? How do you plan on making your place somewhat presentable before their arrival? Think no further! Here are some tips on how to fake a clean house in less than 30 minutes!

  • Declutter your space in 5 minutes by passing by each room and picking up stray newspapers, magazines, bills, napkins, toys and anything that doesn’t belong in that room.
  • Put away your shoes, boots and ensure your foyer is clear and clutter free.
  • Wipe down your place in 10 minutes by spraying an all-purpose cleaner on your kitchen counter and place mats and wipe down the dining room table. Spray your bathroom sink with a disinfectant spray, shine the taps, Windex the mirror, pull the shower curtain closed and add a new air freshener.
  • Take two minutes to dust everywhere, including your television, your coffee table, picture frames and collectibles. Take 3 minutes to sweep the floors in your bathroom, kitchen and living room.
  • Clear any dishes from your sink in two minutes by putting them into the dishwasher. At the same time, empty all dustbins and take out the trash.
  • Replenish your home in 4 minutes by restocking tissues, paper towels, toilet paper rolls, and soap and make sure you have enough seating for your guests.
  • Take the last 4 minutes and add a pretty center piece, take out your good serving dishes and silverware, light some scented candles and answer that doorbell! You have a guest at the door.