New Trends In Area Rugs To Decorate Your Home For Spring 2015

If you’re aiming for a spring home makeover this season but don’t want to splurge on expensive new furniture or an entire renovation project, a striking area rug can instantly add new life to your space. Whether you’re aiming to accessorize the bare hardwood floors in your living room or bring warmth to your deck, here are a few ways to update your home with rugs.

1) Bring colour to dark living room floors with a vibrant geometric pattern rug: To bring severe dark floors into the sunny months of spring, try introducing a playful geometric pattern and vibrant colour palette. For rooms which also feature grey or black sofas and wooden coffee tables, a trendy patterned rug can make a splash. Look for cheery spring hues, like bright pink, violet or turquoise, to refresh your space.

DECK RUG2) Brighten a dull wooden deck with a brightly striped outdoor rug: With patio season almost on the horizon, the days of outdoor entertaining are slowly approaching. If you haven’t set foot on your deck since last summer, it may be time to give it a décor update for 2015! Embrace the decorating trend of multi-coloured stripes and celebrate the warmer weather in style with a vivid, eye-catching outdoor rug to complete the scene.

3) Create a welcoming entrance with a floral doormat: Whether you’re an avid gardener or not, you can still step into the springtime floral trend with a botanical inspired mat to welcome your guests. Try replacing that rectangular beige porch mat from winter, and adding a round mat with an inviting floral print instead.

greek carpet4) Add colour to a neutral room with a Greek blue rug: For a quick burst of colour, the season’s home trend of Greek blue themes easily translates to an easy rug idea. If you’re faced with dreary furniture or off-white walls, upgrade any room with the alluring mix of an area rug in bright blue and white.


5) Embrace pattern with a funky zebra print rug to complement creamy white décor: If your living room with sleek snowy couches, marble floors or ethereal white lamps needs a quick update for the new season, an animal print rug may be a solution. The elegant black and white tones and the trendy pattern of a zebra print rug make it a quick fix to jazz up a monochromatic chamber.