How To Decorate With Curved Furniture

Photo: melaniemorrisinteriors on Instagram 

We are used to seeing straight, angular lines in the world of interior design, but it seems like curved furniture is experiencing a comeback in the world of home décor also. Most commonly associated with modern minimalism or funky, architectural spaces, curved furniture is experiencing a moment in the spotlight.

If you’re aiming to master the look at home, start off by revamping your sofa with a pastel blue half-moon sofa. The gorgeous blue shade can effortlessly contrast against ivory-painted walls, a plush blue area rug and hardwood flooring. Meanwhile, a marble fireplace and glass ornaments can help to revamp your space and transform a dull living room into a refreshed space.

Photo: on Instagram 

Curved furnishings aren’t just limited to the living room, however. Interior design lovers can also master the trend with a half-moon shaped wooden coffee table or end table. Rustic wood can complete your space, and easily contrast against creamy white furniture in a neutral décor scheme.

For those who want to go curvy this season, try bringing visual interest into your space with this rising furniture trend. After all, curves aren’t only en vogue on the runways- they’re also infiltrating the design sphere, and rightfully so!