Nautical Décor Is Making Waves At Home

From yacht parties to cruises, summertime weather calls for embracing the open water and stepping away from land for a change. Even within the confines of your own home, you can always achieve a nautical inspired motif that instantly brings the beauty of the ocean to mind. Just in time for summertime entertaining, Real Style has curated a few ways to rock nautical décor all season long.

Photo: saltysailorco on Instagram 

Adorn your walls with nautical elements: If you want to transform your home into a boat without having to splurge, think simple. Try arranging wooden anchors on your walls, along with decorative mermaids and fish. In fact, shades of beautiful pale blue and white paired with fishnet and rustic wood can instantly complete your space.

Photo: lionheartimports on Instagram 

Try decorating with a starfish pillow: While you may not live 20,000 leagues under the sea yourself, you can always implement marine life into your beautiful home. Adorn an ivory living room sofa with dark blue and ivory pillows, and then complete your décor statement with a brilliant, multicoloured starfish-shaped accent cushion.

Photo: roomsbyzoyab on Instagram 

Bring navy blue stripes into your bedroom: For a change from the usual ivory tones in your bedroom, consider dark blue and white nautical stripes. Revamp your chamber with a striped area rug, blue and white armchairs and nautical inspired bedding. For a contrasting touch, add a pop of tangerine orange to truly bring your bedroom to life.