How To Update Your Patio For Spring/Summer 2015


Photo: Cal Spas (@CalSpas) on Twitter 

As we prepare for another long awaited season of sipping cool drinks and soaking up the sunshine in our own backyards, it’s finally time to upgrade our outdoor spaces. After an endless winter of snow, sleet and wind, patio season has arrived! From arranging throw pillows to painting your outdoor furniture, here’s how to update your patio for Spring/Summer 2015.

Add a coat of paint to brighten patio furniture: If stained off white plastic seats or a dull grey metal table have left you avoiding your backyard, try repainting your furniture. Not only will you save money by not splurging on that new patio set, you can also embrace colour trends. Use primer first, and then brush on a coat of bold red or pastel blue paint for adventurous summertime colour.


Photo: Impressionable Gifts ‏(@Impress_Gifts) on Twitter 

Accessorize with vibrant accent pillows for a comforting touch: To breathe new life into tired, aging patio chairs, update the harsh angles of our outdoor seats with colourful cushions. As an added bonus, those comfy throw pillows create a welcoming vibe for guests at your next weekend barbeque! Contrast your steel or wrought iron patio furnishings with soft stripes, abstract patterns in bright tones or fresh floral prints.

Create a living room inspired vibe with decorative vases and candles: Bring sophistication to your patio, by adding fresh blossoms to your table or arranging a bouquet of mixed blooms in an artisan glass vase. Add tiny tea lights in wooden candle holders to create a rustic, outdoorsy feel.

Arrange lanterns for a soft, warm glow: Lanterns are a quick solution to bring light and depth into a crowded, cramped patio. Try using vintage style Chinese lanterns in bright rainbow colours, or bringing a gentle glow into your outdoor space with trendy silver hanging designs.