5 New Bathroom Design Trends For 2015

Statement Tiles

Photo: Contracting By Us (@contractingbyus) on Twitter 

If you’re planning to revamp your bathroom as part of your Spring/Summer 2015 home makeover plans, the year’s design trends are a step in the right direction. From bringing visual interest into your shower area with statement tiles to adding a luxurious freestanding tub, here are a few ideas to keep in mind for your bathroom makeover.

1) Striking floor tiles: Try updating your tired vinyl bathroom floors with refreshing statement tiles in the season’s welcoming colours. From sweet turquoise to inviting teal and violet, bathroom floors are set to receive a major upgrade this year. Add dainty pastel statement tiles to a smaller bathroom, or go for an elaborate, patterned effect in a larger space.

2) Gleaming metallic faucets: While pristine whites or classic silver may be traditional looks for faucets, the new bathroom sinks can easily be transformed with shining fixtures. Warm, funky chrome, elegant gold and sophisticated bronze accents can bring your sink to life this year.


Photo: Rivuss (@RivussNY) on Twitter 

3) Natural earthy décor: To bring a heavenly spa-like touch to your space, add neutral shades and wooden accents into your bathroom. Timber tiles, rustic light brown accent walls and dark wooden sinks will transport you from the urban jungle to a country retreat.

4) Hexagonal mirrors: For anyone who needs a funky bathroom mirror to perfect their early morning beauty rituals in style, the season’s trends have shifted to structured shapes. A hexagonal mirror is an edgy step up from traditional and typical oval glass designs. Try picking out a geometric mirror with metallic detail, for a striking touch against a white wall.


Photo: Schweitzer’s (@SchweitzersPC) on Twitter 

5) Freestanding bathtubs: Luckily, the days of cramped, stand up showers are now a distant décor memory. Instead, a freestanding, vintage inspired bathtub can offer a soothing, leisurely vibe to any bathroom. Minimalists can look for pristine white or sea green tubs, while décor divas can embrace bright fuchsia or bold blue designs for a hint of colour.