Nature Inspired Home Décor Ideas For An Earthy Space


Photo: earlyattic16 on Instagram 

For decorating enthusiasts who are inspired by the beauty of nature, try drawing your Fall 2016 interior design from the great outdoors. Even if you’re a hardcore city slicker who hasn’t ventured into cottage country in years, earthy accents can bring a perfectly cozy effect to your home. With temperatures dropping and the winds picking up, natural influences are a beautiful way to bring warmth and comfort into your home. Here are a few easy ways to embrace nature inspired elements in your humble abode.

Decorate your front door with a vibrant pinecone wreath: With harvest season officially here, try creating a breathtaking homemade wreath with a variety of painted pinecones. The look of various sizes of pinecones, along with an assortment of rainbow hues, can easily bring the outside of your property to life.


Photo: pillowthought on Instagram 

Embrace reclaimed wood in your living room: For an inviting living room which is perfect for entertaining guests, turn to a reclaimed wooden coffee table. The natural-looking wooden finish can bring a rustic effect to even the most urban space, while ivory accents complete the look. Use airy white curtains, off-white sofas and a dove grey patterned area rug to instantly complement the table.


Photo: cosi_home on Instagram 

Adorn your space with fresh greenery: Even if you don’t have the room for large plants, bringing lush greenery into your family room helps to bring the outdoors inside. Meanwhile, light grey walls, hardwood floors and hints of beige can all create an earthy yet modern area.