Luxurious Fireplace Décor Ideas For A Cozy Home


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As the evenings quickly turn chilly, interior design enthusiasts will have an opportunity to curl up by the fireplace once again. If you’re feeling the shift in the seasons, a beautiful fireplace can immediately transform a humble living room into a comforting oasis. This season, adorn your home with a luxurious neutral fireplace and chic accent pieces. We’ve curated a few simple and sophisticated ways to decorate with fireplaces for Fall 2016.

Turn to ivory paint and rustic logs for understated glamour: For a quaint space which is still elegant, an ivory-painted fireplace is always a timeless choice. Meanwhile, decorative logs placed strategically around the fireplace help to offer a finishing touch. Add a woven beige area rug, an array of knick-knacks on the mantel and white blossoms to complete your décor.


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Contrast glass fireplace doors with neutral furnishings: Today’s fireplaces are surprisingly sleek and modern, with glass accents paving the way as a key look. Turn to a black glass fireplace and light grey sofa for an effortlessly chic effect, and finish off your space with a glass top coffee table.

Adorn your fireplace with seasonal pumpkins and candles: If you truly want to channel the beauty of fall, arranging seasonal décor around your fireplace can breathe new life into your space. Turn your classic brick fireplace into an autumnal statement, with the inclusion of orange and white decorative pumpkins. Touches of greenery, orange and white pillows and large white candles also help to capture the spirit of the season.

Ensure your fireplaces look good all year round with decorating tips for all seasons.

Fireplaces – Decorative Inspirations

The mantel is the perfect place to display decorative items. Changing your decoration with the seasons or special occasions is a great way to make your fireplace into a dramatic feature all year round.

Make an Impact

There are many ways in which you can make your fireplaces stand out for all the right reasons.

  • Seasonal – Take your inspirations from the seasons and give your living room a festive feel. For the winter months change your artwork or pictures to those with an Autumn feel. Use Orange and brown tones for throws to drape over the sofa and spray some pine cones for decoration in a big glass bowl.
  • Birthdays – Special occasions are a great excuse to gather around the fire. Decorate your mantel with birthday cards and banners.
  • Halloween – Go gothic and get into the spirit of Halloween with spooky accessories for your fireplace. Place a large candle on either side of the mantel and have small clusters of pumpkins for an added effect.
  • Christmas – Fireplaces are the perfect place to hang the family stockings on Christmas Eve. Add a garland to the mantel and decorate the space above the fireplace with a wreath. Fairy lights add a touch of magic to all occasions especially Christmas. Wind some twinkling lights around your garlands and wreaths for a festive touch.
  • All Year Round – If you want a stylish fireplace all year round there are a few must haves to keep your mantelpiece looking its best. A beautifully designed mirror can be very effective when placed above your mantel. An eye-catching piece of artwork can be another great choice for this spot. Alternatively make it personal with a family photograph. The most important thing when decorating fireplaces is to keep it simple. Do not clutter your mantel with unnecessary objects

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