Organize A Small Closet Space With These Tips

Living in the city has its perks but having ample closet space in your one bedroom apartment is not one of them especially if you’re a clothing hoarder who loves to shop. If your closet is bursting with bulky jackets and large heaps of folded shirts and are tired of digging between the shelves just to find a pair of socks, then try these clever tips to help you maximize minimal closet space. With a few simple tweaks and tricks, re-organize your entire closet for a customized system that fits your needs.

1) Create shelving units underneath the closet rod: Most standard closets come with a main closet rod and a built-in upper shelf. Although you have a place to hang your jackets and tops, you’re left with an empty space underneath your hanging clothes. Use that empty space below the rod and create open stacked shelves for additional space to store your folded T-shirts and denims.

2) Use shelf dividers to organize your folded items: Keep your folded clothes neat with shelf dividers. If you have a lot of vertical space between shelving, chances are your pile of clothes are on the verge of tumbling over each other. So to keep your piles in place and organized, use clear shelf dividers and boxes to make it a lot easier for you to pick out what you need.

3) Organize your closet according to use: Store your most-used items at eye level. For everyday office tops and blazers you wear to work, hang them on the rod for easy access to make your getting ready routines simpler in the mornings. For seasonal wear such as your bulky winter coats and floral bikini tops, stash them in stackable baskets or storage boxes above the closet rod to make room for clothes you wear more often.

4) Use cascading hangers or hooks to hang multiple garments in one spot: If you’re tired of cramming your clothes on a single rod, try investing in cascading hangers or hooks to create extra hanging space. This is also a great way to sort out your clothes by hanging your blouses, jackets and dresses on separate tiers.

5) Create an extra rod to hang your accessories: For a great DIY solution, hang a towel rack with multiple rods behind your closet door for a designated spot to hang your scarves, belts, purses and jewellery. Not only will this prevent your necklaces from being a tangled mess but it will also make accessorizing your outfits a lot more fun.

6) Use a hanging shoe rack as additional shelves: If you don’t have a lot of floor space in your closet for shelving units and drawers, use a hanging shoe rack instead with little cubbies as a great space-saving alternative to stock your folded garments. Use the small shoe racks to store lighter items such as T-shirts to fully maximize the vertical space of your closet. For bulkier knits, stack them in a medium-sized shoe rack to prevent hanger bumps and toppling piles on the shelves.