Farm Inspired Décor- Bring The Look Home This Fall

Although you may be a proud city slicker with no intentions of abandoning bustling metropolitan life for the comfort and calm of the countryside, you can always bring the country home this fall with farm inspired décor. If you’re aiming to update your humble space for Fall 2015, here are our favourite ways to incorporate quaint farm style home décor into your abode this season.

1) Use black and white striped wallpaper to create an accent wall: For décor lovers who are craving simplicity, the classic aesthetic of black and white stripes can breathe new life into your urban haven. Try swapping your funky fuchsia accent wall for the look of striking wallpaper, in order to truly bring a neutral space to life this autumn.

2) Complete your living room with shiplap walls: In order to bring the fresh fall breeze and rustic tranquility of the farm home, revamp your living room with shiplap (or pine pannelled) walls. The rough appearance and versatile hue of shiplap is an easy way to embrace cozy farm décor all season long.

3) Stick to a neutral colour scheme with shades of grey and beige: With an emphasis on simple accents, farm decorating calls for grey, beige and off white tones. Try contrasting your beige shiplap walls with a creamy area rug, coordinating drapes and pale yellow lighting to complete the warm, understated effect.


Photo: Max Sparrow (@maxsparrowhome) on Twitter

4) Adorn farmhouse tables with delicate white blossoms in clear vases: Bring a hint of femininity to your salvaged wood farmhouse table with sweet floral accents and winter white hues. Turn to the sweet, refreshing effect of white blossoms placed in charming clear mason jars or shapely vases in order to truly embrace the look.

5) Decorate your walls with wooden photo frames: With farmhouse decorating bringing the idea of family and warmth to mind, try adorning your plain walls with rectangular photo frames in textured, faded wood tones. Display a series of family photos, showcase scenery paintings or turn to nature inspired wall art in order to bring the great outdoors into your very own space.