Raffia Accents Are A Whimsical New Décor Trend


Photo: julielindigo on Instagram 

Although a thought of raffia accents might move a strand lodge to mind, this desirable woven fabric is fast creation a approach into a civic home. Whether we wish to adorn your walls or your sunroom, try adorning your common headquarters with raffia this summer. Even if we can’t shun from your apartment, a country element will fast chaperon in island energy. Here are a favourite ways to adorn with raffia during home this season.

Bring new life to your dim blue walls with a raffia-edged mirror: For a ultimate finishing touch, try beautifying your cobalt or stately blue walls with a large, musical counterpart embellished with tan raffia. The demeanour of a raffia fact can move a resisting outcome to a distinguished matter wall, while dark wooden shelves finish off your space.


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Use raffia mats to contrariety opposite your blue and white vital room: To now revamp your vital room, spin to raffia mats placed on finish tables. Arrange a array of blue and white patterned accent pillows on a elementary beige couch, and supplement a elementary light wooden coffee table. For a finishing touch, use a blue and white striped area rug, white lampshades and ivory embellished windows to irradiate a room.


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Accessorize a musty raffia sham on a wicker chair: If we find that your sunroom or vital room is looking plain, try accessorizing a vast wicker chair with a woven raffia cushion. Use a immature and white root printed pillow, uninformed tulips and palatable greenery to truly breathe summer suggestion into a space.