Rainbow Home Décor- The Coolest Way To Embrace Colour


Photo: quirkluxe on Instagram

For anyone who is craving a dose of colour this summer, infusing rainbow tones into your space just may be a vibrant and eye-catching solution. Whether your bedroom or living room is in need of refreshing multicoloured shades, decorative accents in every shade from blue to violet can easily complete your space. Before you embark on the ultimate interior design adventure, here are a few tricks and tips to embrace colour now.

Combine yellow with magenta for a striking space: If you’re a fan of vivid colours, try refreshing your living room with a sunny yellow armchair and a plush velvet magenta sofa. Meanwhile, a turquoise-hued lamp, aqua blue doors and green ceramic accents help to instantly usher rainbow shades into your home.

decor green and pink

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Incorporate fuchsia and lime green pillows into your décor scheme: Neon brights may come across as a decorative challenge, but you can certainly offset these fierce and flamboyant hues with wooden touches. To master the look, turn to hot pink and lime green accent pillows. Style these sassy cushions with a gleaming dark wooden bench, a red brick statement wall and green-painted shelving. For a finishing touch, an orange woven area rug can easily wrap up your decorating scheme and breathe playful colour into your home.


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Adorn your space with powder blue and a rainbow striped area rug: Naturally, soft and ladylike pastel hues are just as trendy as the bolder tones. Try embracing the look of a pale powder blue sofa, adorned with a variety of cushions in shades of yellow and white. A funky area rug with chunky vertical rainbow stripes can emphasize the soft blues in your space. Add a slender white coffee table, framed watercolour art and plenty of knick-knacks for a welcoming and colourful room.